UPDATED: Scream no more?

UPDATE (18/05/11): Contrary to earlier reports, Harvey Weinstein seems to be happy carrying on with the Scream franchise, despite the fourth film’s under-performance at the US box office. According to JoBlo, the film is currently on track to make $110 million internationally (not too shabby considering the $40m budget). He’s also quoted as saying: “I’m sure [director Wes Craven is] going to do a sequel.” I enjoyed Scream 4, and from what I’ve gathered a lot of other people did too. But it should stop here. Original article follows. 

Scream 4 was good. Infinitely better than anyone had a right to expect. So, with no great sorrow I report the news that the Weinsteins are axing plans to produce Scream 5 and 6. Considering the box office for the fourth instalment – under $20 million opening weekend – the franchise has definitely stalled, perhaps unfairly. Maybe for once a slasher series will go out on a high-note…a clichéd, over-baked high-note.

But it won’t be gone forever. This is Hollywood.

My teenage years spent watching Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers carve their way across America taught me one thing: True horror icons never die. Give it a few years and the Brothers Weinstein will find some way to exploit the Ghostface brand. How about a direct-to-video Stab movie helmed by Robert Rodriguez? No?

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