Duke Nukem still kicks ass…still chews bubblegum?

Duke Nukem Forever used to be one of the biggest figures of fun in gaming circles, as I’m sure you’re aware. Bad comedians even made jokes about it. With a tortured development that has taken over a decade, many of us had reached the point where we never ever expected it to see the light of day.┬áDespite numerous set-backs, the Chinese Democracy of video games is finally upon us…and it looks glorious.

The latest trailer has completely sold me on this shoot-em-up to the point where I want to pop Duke Nukem 3D into my PC and relive my adolescence. Violence, witty one-liners and nudity collide into what will surely be the most deranged title of the gaming year. The awesomeness hits 360 and PS3 10th June.

Dave James

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