There and back again…

This day was inevitable: The Hobbit has finally entered production.

What was beginning to seem like a pipe-dream following MGM’s financial woes and Guillermo del Toro’s unfortunate exit, is now a living, breathing reality. Peter Jackson has returned to Middle-earth, taking to the web to provide us with a behind-the-scenes blog. For fans of the trilogy there’s a few pangs of nostalgia as Jackson guides us around the faithfully recreated Bag End set. Everything looks as it should.

So, why I have I been so blasé about The Hobbit so far? The Lord of the Rings remains an astounding technical achievement and it’s comforting to know that Jackson is taking the reigns once again. This will be a loving addendum to the trilogy, but a part of me still wonders what del Toro would have done with the project. Will the scale of The Hobbit seem too small after The Return of the King? We’ve got a long wait to find out – Part I is currently scheduled for a December 2012 release.

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