AC/DC promise new album and world tour

You know what you’re getting with AC/DC, and their style hasn’t changed a bit since 1973. You’re either a fan of their unpretentious hard rock, or turned off by their juvenile theatrics. Me? I find their medley of over-charged power chords and filthy lyrics impossible to dislike. Their mantra is simple: If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Because their discography isn’t known for any wild divergence in tone, news that they’re recording another album seems a tad unnecessary. Many would argue that they should leave it at 2008’s Black Ice, a bold return to form that proved there was still life in their stripped-down formula. But it was wildly successful, so a follow-up was more or less demanded by Columbia. Perhaps Black Ice was just the beginning for the newly reinvigorated AC/DC?

NME landed details about the untitled record, which will be the Australian band’s 17th studio album. Guitarist Angus Young commented on the longevity of the group and the forthcoming release:

“We have such diehard fans, old and new. We’ve survived many changing fashions of music – we’ve outlived the lot of them. At some point we’ll be touring again once we get a new album out, which will hopefully be within the next couple of years.”

While I have reservations about them going back to the well and delivering yet another anthology of tracks devoted to shagging women, getting drunk and being unruly, a part of me wonders if the ageing rockers will finally silence their critics and deliver something different. Well, I can dream.

A new DVD, AC/DC: Live at River Plate is released on Monday.

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