Catch a glimpse of Cameron Crowe’s Pearl Jam documentary

It’s hard to believe that Seattle grunge heroes Pearl Jam are twenty years old. Music has changed immeasurably since the release of their monolithic¬†Ten in 1991…and not really for the better. It was a time when alternative music regularly topped the billboard chart, so it’s hard not to get a little nostalgic for the 90’s. And nostalgia is the key word on Pearl Jam’s mind this year, as they start an anniversary tour and record their tenth studio album (following 2009’s Backspacer). If that wasn’t enough, they have a feature-length documentary on the way.

Pearl Jam Twenty is directed by Cameron Crowe, who was a former writer for Rolling Stone and eventually became a Hollywood filmmaker, with Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire to his credit. Crowe has a long history with the band (and even got them to cameo in his 1992 film Singles), so he appears to be the right man for the job.

A brief clip has been released and while it doesn’t offer much, it does give fans a peek into the origins of the band, specifically their name. PJ Twenty is due for release in September.

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