Xbox fanboys still laughing it up at Sony and PSN’s expense

UPDATE: PSN now appears to be operational again. Original article follows.

The PlayStation Network is still down.

While I don’t pretend to know the specifics of how the PSN was hacked, what I do know is that the constant squabbling between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, and the general ferocity of competition between them, is nothing compared to what gamers have had to endure. Especially if you’ve chosen Sony. In this tug-of-war between the monolithic giants, with egos as big as skyscrapers, it’s the humble user who has paid the price; slapped across the face with a massive E-penis.

It’s doubtful that all three corporations would band together to build a platform of security for their online users. Microsoft lead the way with the most secure operating system there is, maintaining integrity and security for all X-Bots and they’re proud of it. Smug, even. They can carry on cock-slapping the competition all they want, but the least they could do is lend a hand. But you and I both know such an idea is about as likely as the editors of SquabbleBox slagging off Battleshite Galactica and singing the praises of the almighty Stargate instead.

The big corporations don’t place much value on gamers or their security it would seem. Microsoft, instead of offering Sony some technical assistance after this embarrassing breach, sit licking their lips over the prospect like any greedy empire would. They must be wondering how many people are going to join them and get scammed out of a yearly subscription.

Yeah, that’s right: Scammed. What you’re actually getting with Xbox Live is very little when you put aside bias and actually stop to think about it. You already pay for your internet connection and multi-player servers aren’t what they used to be. There can’t be a plethora of dedicated servers down in London Docklands hosting your CoD Deathmatches. If there was, there would be no dreaded “Host Migration”. Microsoft hosts multi-player games on the console itself (that you paid for) and use your internet connection to play the games (that you also paid for). The way this used to work was that both the hosting and required uplink connection was provided on the corperate side, and this would account for 99% of where your subscription was going. Hardware and bandwidth are expensive commodities and Microsoft has shifted this expense over to you and then made you pay for their “Service”. Sickening is the word you’re looking for.

So, next time don’t be so quick to sing the praises of Microsoft’s “Superior Service”. So, who’s getting that cash? The sad truth is that it goes straight into Microsoft’s back pocket.

You’re paying for the privilege of using their very own decentralized system, which costs them practically nothing to run. For the uneducated: The internet is already a decentralized system. Essentially you’re paying for a web provider twice. You can crack jokes about Sony but at least they’re upfront about where your hard-earned cash is going. Downloads from PSN came with a set price, not “points” designed to cheat the easily fooled out of their pocket money.

Sony’s online service isn’t in the same league, and it still isn’t back, but at least it’s free. It’s true that you get what you pay for. And 360 gamers will pay for anything.




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