Year Zero coming to a British Broadcasting Corporation/Home Box Office near you

Hey there. Do you enjoy the forebodingly familiar tones of dystopian fiction, the grim realism of dark television, the unchallenged austerity of government oppression, and the harsh resonance of pseudo-industrial electronic rock music? I do. I bloody love it. So imagine my salivation when I read this:

Nine Inch Nail’s 2007 concept album Year Zero is set to be made into a mini-series airing on both the BBC and HBO. 

Year Zero takes place in a dystopian 2022. Songs are written from the perspective of multiple fictional characters. The album is like an advent calendar of misery. Each song revealing a more tragic and sullen vision of our future. Where you’d usually get a Christmas pudding, you get bio-terrorism. Where you’d usually find a shining star, you find a fading sun. Where you’d usually see the baby Jesus, you see George Bush. Then finally, the end of the world. Good ol’ cheery Trent.

You may have noticed that Mr. Reznor has been making friends outside the music industry lately, having worked on David Fincher’s The Social Network, and his remake of Swedish spectacular; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Reznor has reportedly selected Jim Uhls – who wrote the script for Fincher’s cerebral mindfuck Fight Club – to adapt Year Zero into the most cold and depressing TV show since the news.

With the recent success of HBO’s Game of Thrones, it seems that they could soon rekindle the magic of yesteryear. Perhaps even taking their crown back from reigning champions AMC.

Little is known about the Year Zero project at the moment. But rather than wait for those involved to throw scraps of information in our direction, or to issue an official press release,  I’m going to clear something up for you right now:

This will be completely and totally awesome.

Love and destruction – MacTingz.

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