Who will play John McClane’s son in A Good Day to Die Hard?

Production is starting to heat up on Bruce Willis’ fifth outing as fascistic super cop John McClane. The reveal of the title, A Good Day to Die Hard, was subject to no end of mockery. But I like it… almost sounds final, in a way. Could this be McClane’s last stand?

With that possibility in mind, it’s interesting to note the names 20th Century Fox are discussing to play his son. Could they be preparing for a series without its star? The current list is pretty phenomenal: Ben Foster, Paul Dano and Aaron Paul. 

Ben Foster

Let’s go back to #1. Foster has long proven himself as a versatile actor, playing everything from nebbishy geeks to scary nut-jobs. If you’ve seen the remake of 3:10 to Yuma, you’ll know how intimidating he can be. He also displayed an ability for old school action in another rehash, The Mechanic. Not the worst choice.

Dano is more of a wildcard. Instead of being able to play nebbishy geeks, Dano IS one. He was truly brilliant in There Will Be Blood, but I’m not sure I can picture him taking out terrorists in a believable manner. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful out-of-the-box suggestion from the consistently out-of-touch Fox.

Paul in The Last House on the Left remake.

As for Paul, well, I think they should cast him immediately. He’s currently giving a star-making performance in Breaking Bad, a series that continues to be a benchmark of acting quality. His turn as wayward youth/meth chemist Jesse Pinkman has run the gamut from heartbreaking to hardcore. I’d totally buy him as McClane’s offspring. Willis, you’ve found your man.

As previously reported, the sequel will take place in Russia, where McClane comes under fire from local forces. John Moore (Max Payne) is the chosen director, so there’s still reason to panic. A Good Day to Die Hard is expected to hit February 14th, 2013.

There’s still no word on Reginald VelJohnson’s return. Wouldn’t it be good to see Al Powell again?

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