The new GTAV trailer promises 2013’s best game

News correspondent Lee Savery joins the team with a look at the new trailer for Rockstar’s most treasured gaming series.

The second trailer for the eagerly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V has been revealed to the public by Rockstar Games. With new details having been released in recent days, this is the first look at how the new character dynamic will fit into the latest sequel of the blockbuster series.

In previous titles, players have explored the story of one protagonist. For GTAV, however, a new dynamic for the series allows the player to switch between three playable characters at any time. This trailer reveals that the three main protagonists are: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. It shows Michael as a seemingly retired criminal, Trevor as a very active career criminal, and Franklin as a hustler who, on this showing, likes to steal cars.

The trailer boasts a number of action sequences including a dirt bike race and Michael’s son hanging from a boat’s sail as its being driven at high-speed. Other sequences include what looks like a bank robbery, someone abseiling down a building, a Jeep falling from a aeroplane as someone jumps out of it, and a fighter plane destroying a helicopter.

Set in a re-imagined city previously explored in San Andreas, Los Santos (based on modern Southern California), GTAV‘s map is reportedly larger than the maps created for two of its predecessors GTAIV and San Andreas, as well as another Rockstar title, Red Dead Redemption, combined. Areas to explore will include an army base, a forest, and the ocean floor. As ever, there will be a plethora of vehicles for the player to use to explore the city.

The randomised mission dynamic used in Red Dead Redemption makes a return and will populate the city with muggers, hitchhikers, and dead body mysteries. With the game also set in the same universe as IV‘s Liberty City, players can expect cameos from characters who appeared in that game.

GTAV will be released in Spring 2013.

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