Dylan’s Box Office Round-Up (14/06/13)

Gatsby vs. Stark. 

Whilst the blockbuster season might have kicked off a few weeks ago, for the first time we are seeing a real clash of big movies. The Great Gatsby and Iron Man 3 went head-to-head this weekend, and though Marvel claimed the top spot, Baz Lurhmann can be delighted with the start his literary adaptation made.

Iron Man 3 managed just over $72 million in the US (the fourth highest second weekend ever), and has now made $949 million worldwide. Every week my estimate for its final total has been totally off, but I’m going to place it at somewhere around the $1.2 billion mark. It’s an incredible amount for the threequel, although I don’t think it is necessarily indicative about how Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are going to do. That said, we could be witnessing the birth of an unparalleled meta-franchise in cinema history.

Gatsby opened to $50 million. It’s a great start for the flick, although I can’t say I’m surprised. This is one of the most-loved books of the last hundred years, made by a director with a huge fan base. And if you don’t like superhero or indie films, what other choice do you have? I’m guessing $400-$500 worldwide by the end of its run.

On the horizon for the US is Star Trek Into Darkness (reviewed here), which opened internationally to $31 million. This might  not sound like much, but bear in mind this has opened to a very limited number of markets, and according to Paramount, is up on the first movie. Reviews have been similar to Iron Man 3. Some hardcore fans are annoyed by certain choices, but generally it has received strong praise from all corners. Personally, I thought it was a fantastic science fiction romp, and could be the most exciting film you see this summer. This could be the movie that takes down Tony Stark.

UK Box Office Top 10

(Via IMDb)
Rank Title Weekend Gross Weeks
1 Star Trek Into Darkness £8.42M £8.42M 1
2 Iron Man 3 £3.18M £31.4M 3
3 21 & Over £580K £1.91M 2
4 All Stars (2013) £498K £1.39M 2
5 The Croods £388K £25.9M 8
6 Olympus Has Fallen £362K £5.89M 4
7 Mud £239K £239K 1
8 I’m So Excited £142K £615K 2
9 The Place Beyond the Pines £139K £3.23M 5
10 Oblivion £130K £10.5M 5

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