Dylan’s Box Office Round-Up (10/06/13)

The box office gets Purged. 

In terms of big releases, this was certainly the quietest weekend of the summer so far. This allowed horror movie The Purge to take the top spot with $36 million in the US alone, a huge return on its $3 million budget. The film has been beautifully played by Universal, with an interesting campaign, an intriguing premise, and the perfect release time. Even just to pull this in for such a small amount of money is a fantastic achievement, especially with Ethan Hawke in the main role. And also, those wanting to watch a horror film will obviously turn-out here, regardless of the mixed reviews.

Fox chose to unleash Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson comedy The Internship this weekend, which opened to $18 million from a $58 million budget. This has hardly set the world alight, and it does seem that both of these actors are heading towards a more middle-aged audience, rather than the “Frat Pack” comedies of their peak. I’m a fan of both, but there simply isn’t the draw to Vaughn and Wilson that they had in their heyday, especially with so many other movies out there at the moment.

Fast 6 is now just $16 million off from crossing 600, almost guaranteeing a sequel, and After Earth was boosted by strong performances overseas to $95 million, although this is still a way off from making back that money.

Next weekend, we will see everything blown out of the water by Man of Steel; I’m expecting a massive result for the Man of Tomorrow.

UK Box Office Top 10

(Via IMDb)
Rank Title Weekend Gross Weeks
1 The Hangover Part III (review) £2.92M £13.5M 2
2 Fast & Furious 6 (review) £2.05M £21.4M 3
3 Epic £1.99M £10.1M 2
4 Star Trek Into Darkness (review) £1.31M £23.1M 4
5 The Great Gatsby (review) £1.3M £12M 3
6 The Purge £1.02M £1.02M 1
7 The Big Wedding £596K £596K 1
8 Iron Man 3 (review) £429K £36.9M 6
9 Byzantium £114K £114K 1
10 All Stars (2013) £107K £2.19M 5

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