Dylan’s Box Office Round-Up (30/07/13)

Has The Wolverine been let off the chain? 

After a few weekends of multiple releases, there was only one big-hitter this time around. The Wolverine opened worldwide to muted fanfare, and although it managed to reach the top of the box office in the US, it needed strong international figures to keep it a hit. The movie managed $53 million in America, which, while no means shocking, is not up to the standards of previous X-Men movies. Personally, I don’t think you can amalgamate all the films in the franchise into one. First Class was very much a new start for the series, and this may have suffered due to the poor reviews of X Men Origins: Wolverine.

In the end, Logan’s return managed $86 million worldwide, and rescued the flick from any suggestions of bombing. With only a $120 million budget to make back – who the hell spent $150 million on White House Down?! – this should easily make a strong profit over the next few weeks.

On a side note, $20 million horror movie The Conjuring has now managed a fantastic $96 million worldwide, with plenty of international markets still to open. After weeks of similarly-timed projects leading to inevitable disappointments and mad budgets for average movies (I’ll say it again, $150 million on White House Down!), it just shows you the importance of picking your moment with release dates, marketing and concepts.

UK Box Office Top 10

(Via IMDb)
Rank Title Weekend Gross Weeks
1 Monsters University (review) £2.79M £8.59M 2
2 The World’s End £2.12M £2.12M 1
3 Despicable Me 2 (review) £1.85M £30M 4
4 Pacific Rim (review) £1.33M £5.14M 2
5 Now You See Me £922K £7.15M 3
6 World War Z (review) £242K £13.8M 5
7 The Internship (review) £227K £2.82M 3
8 Man of Steel (review) £134K £29.9M 6
9 The Frozen Ground £89.5K £89.5K 1
10 This Is the End (review) £74.2K £3.91M 4

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