PODCAST: Dylan & Dave Squabble On #1: “Summer Movies 2013″

Our first ever podcast is devoted to the summer blockbusters of 2013. Come hear a Brummie and a Bristolian chat sh*t about Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, The Wolverine, The World’s End, The Lone Ranger, and Affleck as Batman.

Presented by Dylan Spicer & Dave James

After eighteen months of working together, the titans of Bristol and Birmingham finally meet to put their geeky opinions down on wax. First up, a retrospective of the more divisive summer movies of 2013. Naturally, there are spoilers for Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, The Wolverine, The World’s End, and The Lone Ranger. And even The Dark Knight Rises… even though it out was last year. Any excuse to moan about it.

Special thanks to Gareth Luke. Intro “Plastic Surgery Blues” by The Gruber. Recorded at the Birmingham Best Inn (with alcoholic beverages) August 24th 2013. 

Dave James

Editor-in-Chief at SquabbleBox.co.uk. Film freak, music minion, professional procrastinator, podcaster, video-maker, all around talented git.

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  1. skippercollector says:

    I am glad you talked about The Lone Ranger as a movie with plot and characters, not about the box office and poor reviews. I have started what I think is the only web discussion in existence that is about the aforesaid plot, characters, allusions, etc. You can find it at

    Personally I love the movie, have viewed it numerous times, and think it is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

  2. Dylan Spicer says:

    Thanks for the comment! I really do think there are some great points to the film, it just needed to have a more focused target audience!

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