PODCAST/VIDEO COMMENTARY: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Still not over Halloween? How about an audio and trivia track commentary for George A. Romero’s original horror masterpiece? Bon appetite. 

With the time right for some frightful entertainment before the Yuletide cheer kicks in, why not a friggin’ commentary by us, the masters of geek, to guide you through the well-trodden Night of the Living Dead? Film philosophers may have exhausted all discussion on it, but that isn’t going to stop us from having a go anyway, highlighting the movie’s accomplishments and the impact zombies have had on our culture. And are flesh-eating flicks becoming old hat?

We ponder that and more as we yack over a classic public domain (yes, PUBLIC DOMAIN) shocker that still has teeth all these years later. Oh, and to the Nerd, James Rolfe, great minds think alike…

Presented by Dylan Spicer & Dave James. “Useless Trivia” by Dave James. Special thanks to Gareth Luke. Recorded at the good old Birmingham Best Inn Saturday 26th October 2013. 

Dave James

Editor-in-Chief at SquabbleBox.co.uk. Film freak, music minion, professional procrastinator, podcaster, video-maker, all around talented git.

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