PODCAST: Dylan & Dave Squabble On #3: “No Country for Old Jaws”

Dylan doesn’t like the Coen Brothers. Dave doesn’t like David Lynch. There’s only one way we can sort this out… PODCAST! Along the way, they also discuss “overrated” movies such as Jaws. Surely not?

Hosted by Dylan Spicer & Dave James

How can Dylan not like The Big Lebowski? For that matter, how can he not like Jaws? It’s going to be a long one…

Special thanks to Gareth Luke on sound. Intro “Plastic Surgery Blues” by The Gruber. Recorded at the Birmingham Best Inn (with alcoholic beverages). 

Dave James

Editor-in-Chief at SquabbleBox.co.uk. Film freak, music minion, professional procrastinator, podcaster, video-maker, all around talented git.

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