6 Movies That Deserve a Remake

Cal gives us six examples of films just dying to be remade. Well, if they’re going to leave the good ones alone…

Please strike back with your own choices below.

1. Waterworld (1995)

The Premise?: The Earth is covered by water, and people live on ships and floating islands.

Why Should It Be Remade?: It’s not that Waterworld is a bad film but it was definitely crippled by the technology of its era. Plus, the ever-inflating budget reportedly prevented the original vision of the film from being achieved, with the makers wanting to get a film in the can, and not the film they wanted. The idea is solid and full of potential, but the execution is just meh. With the benefit of a better creative team and a blockbuster budget, I could see this leading somewhere. Potentially a franchise. I’d love to see it happen.

2. Street Fighter (1994)

The Premise?: An adaptation of the video game of the same name.

Why Should It Be Remade?: The video game is not rocket science: a fighting tournament. We’ve seen tournaments done in films like Kickboxer, and it works. If done right, it’s a solid foundation for an action film, and for God’s sake make it an R-rated action film to do justice to the source.

3. Green Lantern (2011)

The Premise?: An adaptation of the DC Comics character of the same name. Hal Jordan is turned into the Green Lantern as a result of alien machinery.

Why Should It Be Remade?: I’m not talking about a beat-by-beat remake of this rancid movie. I’m talking about a complete reinvention from top-to-bottom. No Ryan Reynolds, no goofy CGI, no shitty storytelling… Rather, a clean start which concerns itself with a self-contained origin story, not a movie which just wants to set up sequels. The character of Green Lantern deserves a good film franchise. Such a shame that he hasn’t received one yet.

4. Jonah Hex (2010)

The Premise?: A film about the DC Comics character of the same name. There’s a pattern here, isn’t there?

Why Should It Be Remade?: This film was a disaster from every angle. It was mangled in the cutting room, trimmed from R to PG-13, and there’s no singular vision at play. Josh Brolin works in the role. All he needs is a good script and a director capable of making good action, not to mention a studio willing to fund an adult film.

5. Death Wish (1974)

The Premise?: An everyday man going vigilante to punish street criminals.

Why Should It Be Remade?: Death Wish has such a malleable story. The original movie is fantastic but it’d be intriguing to see a contemporary take on vigilantism; one which further examines the moral implications of taking the law into one’s own hands, which observes more contemporary criminals. It could also explore the plausibility of getting away with killing scum in today’s world (where almost everything is captured by surveillance cameras). Sylvester Stallone has talked of doing a remake for years. Other filmmakers have started getting serious about it, too. Just make it happen, and do it right!

6. Bambi Meets Godzilla (1969)

The Premise?: Bambi encountering Godzilla. Duhhh!

Why Should It Be Remade?: Just imagine what a visionary animator could do with this idea. He could craft an inspirational story about Bambi who’s prancing around one morning enjoying the company of all his friends. And then, suddenly, tragedy strikes and Godzilla’s foot lands on top of him. The outpouring of grief from forest critters would be emotionally devastating as Bambi’s flattened corpse is buried/cremated. I see so much potential…

I’m not talking about a feature film. A five-minute short will suffice.




  1. Bruce Acosta says:

    Well for the starters Joey Ansah is doing the Street Fighter series called Street FIghter Assassin’s Fist which will be will be interesting so if the show succeeds then they might get a movie deal as the SFAF gets a lot of viewing.

    • Cal says:

      Sounds good.

      Let’s just forget that there was ever a second Street Fighter movie in 2009 which managed to be worse than the Van Damme one, eh :P

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