VIDEO: Dr. Kubrick, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Eyes Wide Shut

Walking Kubrickian textbook Michael “Jimmy the Fool” Hunter is our host for a visual tour through the greatest filmography in cinema history.

Many consider Stanley Kubrick to be the greatest director who ever lived, and who can really blame them? Through his relatively small filmography, he covered a myriad of genres, broke new filmmaking ground, and challenged the world’s perceptions of cinematic entertainment.

Kubrick authority Michael Hunter guides us through his legendary career, the famous horror stories, his personal favourites, and the secret meaning behind his final picture.

Directed by Dave James

Produced by John Molyneux and Dave James

Featuring Michael “Jimmy the Fool” Hunter

Photographed by John Molyneux

Edited by Dylan Spicer

Main Titles by Andrew Cooper

A Production

Production services provided by Shoot on Sight – check them out.

Dave James

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