SquabbleCast #9: “You’re Terminated, F*cker!”

Ashley and Scott join Dave for a retrospective of The Terminator franchise ahead of Genisys, and try their very best NOT to talk about Rise of the Machines and Salvation. 

Presented by Dave James with Ashley Knowles and Scotty “Doc” Hadlington

He came from the future to ensure the, um, future. He’s the Terminator, and he’s one mean sonuvabitch!

Join us as we revisit the landmark sci-fi series created by James Cameron, and the landmark sci-fi series ruined by Jonathan Mostow and McG (please don’t let us down, Alan). With talk about the classic 1984 original, the uber-classic 1991 sequel, and two films better off mocked, we try to cover as much ground as possible before SkyNet blows us all to kingdom come.

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“The Voice” by Michael A. Hunter. Theme “Procrastination Wide” by The Stiff Joints – check them out on Facebook or YouTube.

Dave James

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