SquabbleCast #10: “Space Cowboys”

Ash joins Dave once again in the newly-christened SquabbleBox mancave to discuss Joss Whedon’s greatest creation; space Western Firefly. 

Presented by Dave James with Ashley Knowles

Joss Whedon. The name just drips with nostalgia, doesn’t it?

Whether you jumped on board with Buffy or Angel, or even the box office-smashing Avengers Assemble, there’s no denying that the geek god’s greatest feat was Firefly. The little-seen TV show cancelled before its time has slowly become a cult behemoth that everyone is dying to see again (sorry, but Serenity just wasn’t enough). From the awesome universe-building to the awesome characters, we discuss it all with love, appreciation and the bitter realisation that we might never see these space pirates again…

C’mon, Joss, please bring it back.

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Oh, and here’s Ash’s crazy good Firefly video tribute…

“The Voice” by Michael A. Hunter. Theme “Procrastination Wide” by The Stiff Joints – check them out on Facebook or YouTube.

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