Q&A: Frank Palmer (Bring Back Dredd Campaign)

We sit down with the guy leading the charge to bring Dredd back. 

Dredd is a freaking classic. I said as much in my own review and we’ve been singing its praises on our Facebook page since the day of release. It’s an instant cult milestone and a pre-Deadpool example of how to do R-rated comic book movies correctly. The look. The acting. The writing. The music. It was all pretty much perfect and it’s a damn shame that we’ve been denied a continuation.

But as much as we at SquabbleBox love this version of 2000 AD‘s flagship hero, we didn’t have the foresight to lead the charge in bringing him back. That task fell into the hands of Frank Palmer, an avowed fan of the film, who didn’t realise what he was starting when he began the insanely-popular “Make a Dredd Sequel” page. Following an appropriate re-branding and a changed ethos on the Judge’s future, I sat down with Frank to discuss what us geeks can be doing to bring back Dredd.

SB: What is it about the Dredd film that really appealed to you, and why did you initially setup the “Make a Dredd Sequel” page?

FP: I think, like a lot of other people, I didn’t really have high expectations heading into the film. I was bored one Sunday afternoon and saw that my theatre had a 2D showing, and that it had a pretty high score on RottenTomatoes and IMDb – so why not? Plus, it had the R-rating, which intrigued me. Well, it definitely didn’t suck and I couldn’t believe that a film that great most likely wasn’t going to get a sequel, so I started the page and it blew up…

SB: What is your personal favorite scene from the film and why?

FP: I’d say the “I am the law” speech, because it confirmed Dredd’s status as a badass. Also, the part when he throws Ma-Ma off the ledge and just says… “Yeah.” Yeah.

SB: You have changed the campaign to the more appropriate “Bring Back Dredd” in hope of a TV adaptation on Netflix or Amazon etc. You also have the backing of 2000 AD – why did you change your approach and how did you get their support?

FP: Well, we thought with shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones that something like Netflix or Amazon would be perfect for the world of Dredd. There are so many different stories and directions that they could take with the character and they wouldn’t have to water it down. 2000 AD has been onboard for a while now and reached out to me – naturally they want more live-action adventures with Dredd, too!

SB: What do you feel are the benefits of a streamed TV series, and what might you like to see in the show?

FP: I think the fact that it wouldn’t be limited to a mere ninety-minutes would be great. I’d like to see them show us a little more of Mega City One and possibly The Cursed Earth. Obviously, a lot of people want to see Judge Death.

SB: If the horrible happened and Karl Urban didn’t return for the role given the chance, who would you cast as Dredd?

FP: Stallone, of course! Just kidding. Karl Urban is Dredd.

SB: Are you thinking of working on any other fan-led campaigns?

FP: “Make a HOWARD THE DUCK Sequel.” No, none at the moment.

SB: If a Dredd continuation was made tomorrow, who would you like to see take creative control in an ideal world?

FP: Definitely Alex Garland.

Cheers to Frank Palmer for answering these questions. To do your bit for Dredd, like the Facebook page if you haven’t already, sign the official petition, and get as many people to watch this movie as humanly possible. Hey, if Riddick can come back…

Dave James

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  1. This guy deserves a lot of praise. He’s been consistently flying the flag for Dredd from the beginning, and even though it’s seemed futile at times, he’s stuck to his guns. I’ve just rediscovered his FB page, which I was surprised and delighted to see still existed.
    I’m confident a Dredd 2 would make good box office, and it’s not too late to do it. If Netflix picks it up as a series, it could be a very good move for them.

  2. Joe pineapples says:

    Netflix/Amazon series for dredd has to happen! – That film was just brilliant .

  3. Alexandros Anastasiadis says:

    First of all,i agree with all the stuff you talked about and ur work is much appriciated so keep up!My only complain about a TV series is that they usually tend to be more about intrigue and stuff,the budget is not very high and they constantly try to keep ur interest with indivindual characters with something happening at the end of each episode-rather than plot,cinematography and badass special effect scenes…also how would the episodes work?They would be stand-alonish like Almost Human(which i believe was fairly good)or not?Either way seeing Dredd back behind any type of glass is ofc the main thing and although we dont see much of his face there is but one WHO CAN DISTRIBUTE THE LAW LIKE NOONE ELSE!!!

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