PODCAST: Beam Me Up, Scotty #1: “The Original Series”

Set your phasers to stun! Dave joins notorious Trek enthusiast Scott “Scotty” Hadlington to celebrate fifty years of Klingons and sh*t. First up, the original 1960s classic featuring Kirk, Spock and Bones, which created a legacy we’re still enjoying today.

Presented by Scott Hadlington and Dave James

Fifty years. That’s a whole lot of history!

Gene Roddenberry’s beloved Star Trek has traversed the last five decades of popular culture, influencing entire generations of storytellers and real-life spacemen. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, we begin a new limited series to give each incarnation its due. To begin, we go back to 1966 for the birth of Starfleet and our first meeting with Kirk, Spock and Bones. We chat up the cultural relevance, the crewmembers, our favourite episodes, and how how The Original Series has impacted everything to come since…

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Opening theme by Ross Hadlington and 8 Bit Universe (and some bloke called Alexander Courage). 

Dave James

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