VIDEO: Shooting the S#it Episode #2: “Straight-to-Video Sequels”

Ross Hadlington returns to put more crummy entertainment through its paces. This time, the quagmire of straight-to-video sequels, including such franchises as From Dusk Till Dawn, Tremors and, um, Air Bud. 

What’s the worst sequel of all time? No, incorrect, some of these will be worse!

Ross returns following an attack on Steven Seagal to put those dreaded straight-to-video sequels to the test.

Devised & Presented by Ross Hadlington

Directed by Dave James

Produced by John Molyneux, Ashley Knowles and Dave James

Shot by John Molyneux

Edited by Ashley Knowles

Title Theme by Roscoe Balaban

Title Card by Andrew Cooper

A Production

The clips included belong to their respective authors, where credited, and are used for means of non-profit review and criticism. 

Dave James

Editor-in-Chief at Film freak, music minion, professional procrastinator, podcaster, video-maker, all around talented git.

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