PODCAST: Beam Me Up, Scotty 3: “Deep Space Nine”

Is this the greatest Star Trek show ever made? Scotty joins Dave for a trek to Terok Nor. 

Presented by Scott Hadlington and Dave James

Ask a real Trekkie what the best Star Trek show is and they will most likely say Deep Space Nine – the most adult, complex and rewarding offshoot of Gene Roddenberry’s original creation. We talk about the space station of the title, the all-important characters, the alien races, and pick our favourite episodes. There’s also some chatter about the upcoming (and apparently troubled) Discovery.

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Opening theme by Ross Hadlington and 8 Bit Universe (and some bloke called Alexander Courage). 

Dave James

Editor-in-Chief at SquabbleBox.co.uk. Film freak, music minion, professional procrastinator, podcaster, video-maker, all around talented git.

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