SquabbleCast #25: “Pulp Heroes”

Before DC… before Marvel… it was pure pulp! Oscar joins Dave to discuss The Rocketeer, the underrated twosome The Shadow and The Phantom, and the swashbuckling Zorro.

Presented by Dave James with Oscar Stainton

It’s crazy to think that there was once a time when superhero films could outright fail at the box office. This certainly applies to the 90’s trilogy of pulp adaptations, The Rocketeer (1991), The Shadow (1994) and The Phantom (1996). Largely derided but enjoyed by some, we attempt to give these films more love and ponder their continued cinematic potential. There’s also time to praise The Mask of Zorro (1998) as well as considering what pulp legends need the silver screen treatment.

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Dave James

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