PODCAST: It Came from Across the Pond #9: “John Hughes is Dead?!”

Chicago’s finest return to put the career of the legendary John Hughes under the microscope. Turns out some of us thought he was still alive. If only, RJ, if only. 

Presented by Mario Colao, Johnny Potoky, Nick Gomez, and Robert Reyes

As a filmmaker, John Hughes was obsessed with Chicago, so who better than some folks from the “Windy City” to talk about him? The boys digest some of his most well-known credits, including such notables as Home Alone, Christmas Vacation and Weird Science, and ultimately lament his absence from modern movie-making.

You can also catch the guys at Getting Back to Gotham.

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Johnny Potoky

Chicago-born podcaster and raconteur. Co-host of SquabbleBox's It Came from Across the Pond and Jedi Funtime. Also co-host of Getting Back to Gotham and Attack of the B-Movie Podcast.

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