SquabbleCast #27 with Steve Wang

For a very special SquabbleCast, Dave is joined by a real Hollywood pro; creature effects legend Steve Wang, responsible for the Predator and beyond. 

Presented by Dave James with special guest Steve Wang

Our guest today is no stranger to some of the topics we’ve discussed on this very show. Mr. Wang has had a hand in creating some of our most treasured screen creatures following his tutelage from the legendary Stan Winston, from designing the body of the classic alien warrior in Predator (1987) to wrangling Gremlins on Joe Dante’s meta 1990 sequel. There’s also some chat about Steve’s cult directorial work, including The Guyver (1991), its sequel Dark Hero, and the hugely underrated Drive (1997) starring Mark Dacascos. It is the first of hopefully many interviews with industry greats.

Additional thanks to Arif Iqbal of the Predator Universe Facebook page for putting us in touch with Steve.

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