’90s Popstars on TV and in Movies Are Overlooked. Let’s Change That!

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There’s never been a better time to appreciate the ’90s. Even in the era itself, people probably didn’t appreciate just how awesome that decade was. It was a weird time for sure, and some of the things that went on, we can barely understand ourselves. Young people today seriously don’t know what they missed out on so, whether you’re reading this as a clueless member of Gen Z, or you’re a millennial who’s feeling a little nostalgic, we’re taking a look back at some of the movies and TV shows from the 90s and early 2000s, which also featured some of our favourite cheesy pop stars.

Spice Girls

Arguably the biggest band of the 90s, the Spice Girls took the world by storm. After they had captured every market they could possibly think of – from CDs to clothing – it was time to take on the movie world, too. The movie is as bizarre as you can get, and there are no prizes for dishing the acting! Offering viewers a (shall we say) dystopian take on reality, the girls are rising to fame, dealing with the challenges of the press, poor management and a pregnant best friend. In the movie, we see everything from a double-decker bus flying through London to a performance at the Royal Albert Hall. It’s deliciously “British-for-a-world-audience” and everyone knew it; they knew everyone would be watching (at times, even breaking the fourth wall).

As for where they are now? Well, they’ve hardly disappeared off the face of the world, that’s for sure. Victoria Beckham continues to be married to David Beckham and is a fashion icon in her own right, Mel C has been in yet more films, theatre productions and even had a solo career, Mel B has an impressive reality resume, Geri has done everything from releasing books to fitness videos to albums, and Emma Bunton has done her own thing with music and movies as well. And now? Well, it looks like a reunion may be on the cards. Stay tuned!

S Club 7

Riding on the wave of famous British pop stars, S Club 7 brought a mixed group of young singers and dancers to the scene. Not content with just being immersed in the world of pop, these guys took to the screen as they tried to break into the market in both the UK and the USA. Miami 7, LA 7 and then S Club 7 Go Wild! took the group from strength to strength.

As for these days? They’re riding on the 90s revival. They often do club tours, and even headlined a few times at Bongo’s Bingo as well, the retro craze that’s sweeping the nation. People around the UK can party while playing bingo and, like the 90s, it’s bringing the game back in a big way. Want to take a leaf out of their book? Oddschecker have no deposit bingo options available online so that you can practice before heading out to a bingo rave. They’ve got different 90s stars headlining every time!

Britney Spears

Ah, Britney. So innocent before her now infamous 2007 meltdown, the former Mickey Mouse Club/Disney Channel star was a woman of many talents. She still is but we’ve not seen much of her acting since her Crossroads 2002 debut. Yet another slightly unrealistic story, the movie tells the coming-of-age tale of three childhood best friends who decide to cross the country with a guy they just met, for the ultimate epic road trip. As predicted, things get a little wild and end with the protagonist falling in love. It’s definitely worth checking out, if only for the “cringe” factor.

While Britney has appeared on the smaller screen several times since then, she’s made a name for herself in so many other avenues aside from her obvious singing career – and, indeed, she’s responsible for some of the most successful celebrity fragrances in the world.

With the 90s revival not going anywhere anytime soon, there’s now no better time to catch up on these movies and shows. Yes, they may be a little outdated and a little bit awkward, but they’re definitely a product of their glorious time.

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