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What are the best games promoting omnipotence?

As we enter 2019, I feel comfortable saying Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey was one of the best games of the year. Origins was great, and represented a bold step forward for the series, and Odyssey continues that journey, not just through history but through modern gaming. While some have taken issue with the game for feeling somewhat stale in ways – and may have a point – this is an undeniably impressive exhibition in gaming capability, and a thrill for anyone who’s ever even vaguely enjoyed the series.

It’s also a reminder that the mythical gods of ancient civilisations make for almost automatically compelling characters. This may be the newest, prettiest, and most expansive game to involve these gods, but it’s not the only one. So in celebration of it, I’m rattling off what I call my top five games about gods.

5. Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

I’ve already covered this game somewhat, so here I’ll just justify its position. It earns a spot on the list because it’s the best video game I’ll talk about here, for my money. However, I knocked it down to the fifth spot simply because it’s not really “about” gods so much as it involves them. Like many narratives set in the ancient world, Odyssey features characters very much concerned with the favor of the gods, and those gods are threaded into the game in interesting ways. But it’s really more about the civilization itself, and your character’s adventure in it.

4. Age Of The Gods

Age Of The Gods is the simplest game on this list, and one that can be found at various locations online. More specifically, it’s at several of the more modern casino gaming sites. You can find resources online to find the sites with all the new games available now, and at such sites you’ll see not just this title, but several in its series. What they are is essentially animated slot machine arcade games. However, I find them easy to appreciate in this category simply because of the variety of gods involved in the various titles, and how beautifully they’re animated and worked into what’s ultimately very simple gameplay. If you, like I, are fascinated by mythological figures, there’s a certain joy to be had in simply hanging out with them through a game. Age Of The Gods and its various spinoffs allow you to do just that.

3. Gods Of Rome

As I just said, there’s joy in getting to hang out with ancient gods in a game. There’s also joy in getting to control them beating the hell out of each other. The geniuses at Gameloft seem to have realized this ,which is why they built a whole bunch of ancient gods, Greek and otherwise, into a mobile brawler. Played out like Mortal Kombat, but with Hades and Anubis in place of Sub-Zero and Raiden, it’s a flat-out blast to play. There are also some mythical heroes and historical figures involved, such as Hercules and King Darius, making this a full-scale slugfest of the ancient world. Fighting mechanics could be slightly smoother, but for a touch-based mobile game it does the job.

2. Smite

Smite, to put it simply, is a little bit like Gods Of Rome on the console scale, but for that it’s technically a MOBA game rather than a brawler. Still, it’s about controlling one ancient god against the rest, and it’s packed with fast-paced, exciting, god-level combat. And the list of involved gods is pretty much off the charts. A few personal favorites that set this game apart for me: Baron Samedi, Zhong Qui, and a really awesome interpretation of Ra. This game started out as a PC experience, but is now available on all the high-end consoles (Switch, PS4, and Xbox One).

1. God Of War (Series)

I suspect most are more or less familiar with the God Of War games. In case you’re not, they started in 2005 and have continued to this day, always depicting gorgeous adventures pitting the human warrior Kratos at war with powerful deities. The first “era” of the games, from 2005 until 2018, involved Greek mythology, with characters like Ares playing the key nemeses for Kratos (and plenty of demonic figures available to be pummeled along the way). This year, the second “era” started, thrusting Kratos into Norse mythology and beginning with the rebooted title God Of War. This latest game was absolutely sensational, earning glowing reviews across the board and ensuring that this series keeps its spot as the best set of games about the gods. The series has become an exclusive PS4 property.

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